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From the compilation of the task portfolio to the creation of assessments to the signing of the letters of reference – the HR department at the Axel Springer SE media corporation uses SAP-integrated software from EASY SOFTWARE AG for these processes. The entire process is based on the standard SAP functionalities and runs as a web solution in the SAP backend and the Manager Self Service of the SAP HR portal.

Managers and the HR department no longer have to create new text every time, instead relying on standardized modules. To keep the whole thing dynamic, the creator of the standard text can add or expand as they like and save the new version as a text template. That way, the constantly increasing individuality of letters of reference is possible, despite standardization.

Every employee wants a customised reference. However, in the HR team we also have to be faster and more efficient, which is why we wanted to standardise the reference process as much as possible. We handle the job with EASY SAP Process2Design.

Ulrike Fuhrmann, Team Leader of HR Administration at Axel Springer Personalservice GmbH

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