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Thanks to EASY PCM Contract Management, the housing association Gewobag keeps an eye on their entire contract landscape.

Gewobag is one of the largest real estate companies in Germany. They provide many residents of Berlin with an affordable roof over their heads. With over 60,000 residences, the municipal association offers a home to over 100,000 renters from all over the world.

Information on the rental agreements for residences and commercial real estate is located in a digital real estate file. EASY PCM Contract Management links all contracts with the associated business units. Defined workflows guarantee that contract management extensions are initiated at the right time, cancelation deadlines are complied with, and incorporated data are verified in accordance with the four-eyes principle. In total, all required data are available centrally.

With EASY PCM Contract Management, we are able to act with more foresight and proactively formulate our contract negotiations.

Viola Matthaeas, legal advisor Gewobag

Header Gewobag

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