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Smart Archiving with EASY

Thousands and thousands of installations have helped the EASY archive achieve its current position on the market. Many of those installations are focused on high research and reporting loads. More than 30 OEM partners also use the EASY archive in their own applications. The archive from EASY is one of the top applications of its kind. We’re always developing the program, to ensure things stay that way. And this year, we’ll be launching a new version.


Archiving as a core process

More than ever before, archiving is a core business process. However, it still needs to continue developing, becoming both more powerful and more streamlined at the same time, in order to be equipped for use in even more deployment scenarios. The demands of companies and users are growing, after all. This is first because process optimization has been a focus of companies for such a long time. Secondly, it is because of the changes that accompany developments like Software as a Service.


Growing demands

Last but not least, user requirements are growing – they simply demand more from their archiving solutions. For example, they need to integrate seamlessly into multiple environments, communicate effortlessly with leading applications, and fulfil the specialized requirements of companies and industries.


More and more data

Another significant driver for the importance of the archive – and the continued development of archive solutions – is the accelerating growth of unstructured data. New sources of data are joining more familiar ones such as documents, e-mails, and print streams. These include wikis, blogs, network data, or even temporary aggregated views of data. Some of this is worth archiving, even if people might not be aware of it.


Launching the EASY Archive (Smart)

Users and companies assume that an archiving solution will be able to do all this and improve document-intensive processes at the same time. They also expect that it will archive documents in an audit-proof, high-performing manner, without creating extra work. To fulfil these desires, and many additional requests, we’re launching the first version of EASY Archive (Smart) this year.


First version at EASY WORLD

By EASY WORLD 2016, we’ll be ready: In revamping the archive solution, developers turned their attention specifically to the topics of simplicity, customizing, integration, and maintenance. The new version will be even more streamlined, with flexible structures and a structure focused on service – without making any sacrifices when it comes to power.

Curious? You can learn more about the new EASY archive in the next edition of the EASY Newsletter.


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