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A strong network for the benefit of customers: Salus BKK, ITA, CFT, and EASY to cooperate

The market for government health insurance programs is currently undergoing profound changes. In addition to prices, customer service and additional products are fast becoming essential key differentiators. Salus BKK, ITA Systemhaus GmbH, CFT Consulting GmbH, and EASY SOFTWARE have now formed an alliance to implement a project, the target of which is to gain more time for customer support by optimizing and automating business processes, but also finding new methods that will come as a surprise to customers through the transparency that emerges from deploying the innovative solution.

The project client is Salus BKK of Neu-Isenburg, which bears the project costs, making investments in the necessary hardware and the required software licenses. It finances the system as part of the scope defined on the To-Do list. “Moreover, Salus BKK defines the technical requirements for cooperation, replicates the business processes, and provides HR resources,” explains project leader Frank Neuschulz.
With the concept of the workplace of a modern social insurance clerk, ITA Systemhaus GmbH wants to support government health insurance programs in performing their tasks more efficiently and more user-friendly. The modern social insurance clerk workplace not only functions as a well-known office communications software, it also functions as an intelligent integration platform.
As part of collaboration with EASY SOFTWARE, building the cockpit based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is the job of ITA Systemhaus GmbH. This cockpit enables an extensive view of all process-related data.
Individual actions are processed via InfoPath 2007 forms.  The form represents the file that contains all data, information, and processing steps. Moreover, the navigation cockpit is a key entry point for all levels. This enables quicker and more reliable handling of actions. All information on an action is merged regardless of the application. Important processes run automatically across systems and departments.

The cockpit is the control hub

The core of the “social insurance clerk” concept is providing a uniform navigation and information domain (“social insurance clerk” cockpit). The iskv 21_c solution and other industry solutions, document management, and outbound mail systems used in the company are largely integrated. Linking different applications, procedures and data sources enables combining functions and methods as part of a business transaction into rule-based event processes. Within the processes automatic processing steps shorten processing time, defined responsibilities improve quality, and authorization procedures enhance security.
The user is supported by electronic documentation and extensive, context-related information. Easy-to-use interfaces are available for customization to the current organizational structure and the individual requirements in structured procedures.

EASY SOFTWARE is in charge of project management

As part of the cooperation, EASY becomes active as the general contractor that coordinates all those involved,” explains Key Account Manager Oliver Walhöfer, who supports the project on the EASY SOFTWARE side. He continues: “Salus BKK is the customer; it makes a contribution in terms of knowledge to the topic of health insurance programs. ITA Systemhaus GmbH is in charge of the Microsoft topics SharePoint and Office.  Finally, CFT Consulting GmbH also takes part as the implementation partner. The project outcome is an industry solution that should enable us to win various health insurance companies. The project is very process-oriented; because it conforms to legal requirements, it can be used with different health insurance companies.”

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