Measure, learn, optimize

Make data-based decisions to improve and extend the functionality of your digital services

Analytics with EASY ApiOmat

Make data drive decisions to improve your digital services and have insights for designing new ones. EASY ApiOmat Analytics provides the insight needed to deliver the best use experience. It’s a cakewalk for developers to implement and comes with an easy to use interface. EASY ApiOmat stores all of your analytics inside of your on-premise, cloud or hybrid installation and is easy to export.

Web & App Analytics

View analytics in realtime, see in app purchases or track custom in-app events. Optimize the user experience with data-driven decisions and an understanding for user behavior.

Insights for everyone

Product managers, analysts and marketing employees find the data they need with the analytics dashboard. EASY ApiOmat Analytics are stored centrally and can be used in any departments’ apps, eliminating the need to individually source solutions.

100% your data

EASY ApiOmat meets the strictest data privacy laws and keeps all of your data stored in your installation, whether that be on-premise, in a private cloud or as a hybrid solution. The data never goes through the hands of a 3rd party and can be exported to your data warehouse.

Introduction to Frontend Analytics

Get insights on users, their devices, user sessions and quickly track custom in-app events for every app built with EASY ApiOmat.

EASY ApiOmat Advantages


Segment users by device, operating system, app version, location and more. Perform granular queries on the data and visualize valuable insights.



Define in-app events specific to your use case. Track when a user logs in, clicks a button or removes their credit card information. Create funnels, or an order of events and pass user segments through to view detailed conversion rates.


Track the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns and see where app users are coming from. Analyze which user generation methods are most successful and calculate an ROI for marketing initiatives.


Crash Reportings

Find out what errors and crashes are harming the user experience. Crash reports include technical details about the app version, the device hardware, OS version as well as important information to help developers squash the bugs.

Experience Management

Experience Management links X-Data (experience data) with O-Data (operational data) and improves your services for greater business success.

XO App Experience Management

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